The novel coronavirus has impacted the entire world – creating unprecedented situations across the globe. Our church was not alone. COVID-19 has had a serious impact in our Church’s ability to continue it’s normal operations. Over a course of a year, our church conducted its services behind close doors – virtually for our parishioners to watch.

As of June 30th, 2021, our Church’s in-person capacity limit is 25% (90 people). It’s critical for those in attendance to adhere to the following:

1) Everyone in attendance must wear a face-covering/mask at all times within the Church.
2) Everyone in attendance must registered upon arrival with the designated representative at the front of the desk submitting their First and Last Name & Phone Number in order to keep proper attendance and contact trace.
3) Everyone in attendance must disinfect with hand-sanitizer before entering the sanctuary.
4) If you do have any COVID-19 symptoms even if it is mild, please remain home.

Upon reaching capacity limits, the Church doors will remain locked until capacity changes.